About Us

Actually, We’re About You

We’re a business-to-business advertising and marketing group that creates commotions about great food industry products and companies. Like yours.

We became Adfinity in 2001 – but our core group has been together for something like 20 years. Being creative types, we maneuvered around the scarifying business climate of that year and barged right into doing what we do. Today we’re going strong, staying hungry … and, consequently, always thinking about food.

Food Is Serious Stuff

Mostly. Food industry people don’t have the stomach – or the time – for irrelevance. But even with safety, heart health, obesity and capital equipment in the mix, we don’t think scientists, engineers or plant managers leave their humanity and senses of humor out in the parking lot. They’re consumers too, and they’re bombarded with a lot of marketing noise. We relish the challenge of keeping you noticed, differentiated – and relevant.

Whether you sell ingredients, processing equipment, shelf life or nutrition, so do we. We can speak viscosity, defect removal, material handling, BTUs, mouth feel. We use words, visuals, press relations, trade-showbiz, gizmos and brain cells – all to help you find, cultivate and preserve profitable customers.