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For 2014, More Store Brands Will Make Front Page News

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Fewer retailers are content simply to let shoppers discover their store products in the aisle. Instead, savvy retailers are putting their marketing mouth where the money is. The reason?  Store brands now account for one in every five items sold at supermarkets.

Of course, there are still some store labels that obviously saved (more…)

Meet our newest client

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We are excited to be working with our newest client, Millard Manufacturing. Omaha-based Millard is a stainless steel fabricator specializing in custom machinery and equipment for industrial food processing plants.

We have been impressed by the trust they put it us and the respect they show each other. (And they’re kind of fun to hang out with after hours, too.) We’re helping them reach out to potential new distributors and reps and will build their marketing initiatives to culminate with a first time presence at PROCESS EXPO in Chicago this November.

Happy to be a part of the Millard team!

Process Expo Ranked #1

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WooHoo! So honored to have been a part of this successful event!

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