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  • Brand Audit

    Assess your brand’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a strategic marketing plan.

  • Branding

    Impact the perception of your brand with memorable logos, identity systems, positioning lines and product names.

  • Digital Marketing

    Optimize your online presence with a responsive website, social media, email marketing and PPC advertising.

  • Direct Response

    Personalize your message and get attention with highly targeted 3D, lumpy, flat or e-mailers.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Communicate with a blend of marketing ingredients including print, digital, direct response, public relations and video.

  • Media planning/placement

    Develop your media strategy to maximize your budget and build top-of-mind awareness.

  • Print

    Touch base with your target audience through trade ads, brochures, direct response pieces and promotional giveaways.

  • Promotional Items

    Discover ways to use wearable, usable – even edible – items in your marketing communications. Right here

  • Public Relations

    Leverage our longstanding media relationships to promote your technical expertise with editorial content.

  • Trade Show Strategies

    Drive traffic to your booth with pre-show teasers, arresting booth graphics and in-booth events.


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Actually, we’re about you. We’re a business-to-business advertising and marketing agency that creates a buzz about great products and companies.

Like yours.

We became Adfinity in 2001 – but our core group has been together for something like 25 years. While B2B food marketing is our favorite (can you blame us?), we delve into a variety of industries that require technical savvy to ensure credible communication. From food equipment and ingredients to venting systems to robots, launching complex new products doesn’t scare us.

It excites us.

If you’re looking for a team to be your brand champion, we’re your guys.

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alan president co founder

Alan Harrington

President, Partner

You can make an executive out of an artist but you can never take the artist out of an executive. So we affectionately call Alan our Art Executive. Whether he’s pursuing his passion for throwing ceramics, tending to his large garden or learning about every aspect of our clients’ business, he digs in enthusiastically to everything he does. And he loves traveling the world to see and learn about other cultures (especially the food and wine!)

felicia writer co founder

Felicia Wyrick

Public Relations Director, Partner

Having an unusual name presents some challenges. We affectionately call her by her nickname, Fish, but she’s also heard FeLEEcia, Felicity, Flash, Phyllis and Melissa. But when it comes to developing content for our clients in the trade media, it’s clear she’s found her true calling. Outside of work, she’s actively involved in many community projects, from helping manage a holiday parade to pushing for revitalization of our city’s urban lake.

pam promotional co founder

Pam Stark

Business Manager, Promotional Sales, Partner

We suspect that Pam was a juggler in her past life. At home, she manages a husband, three kids and two side jobs. At work, she handles our accounting, payroll and HR and sometimes (reluctantly) provides IT support.  In her spare time, she puts her passion for shopping to work for our clients, finding that super cool promotional item that gives staying power to their brands. Think hundreds of walking billboards, a.k.a. moms in blingy team spirit T-shirts.

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